2013 September
Editorial: welcoming diversity
Editorial: welcoming diversity, by Deborah Collins
Keywords: editorial
Caught in a trap: a case of Drosera
Keywords: sensation method, black hole of despair, emotional abuse, bronchitis, pneumonia, trapped, internal conflict
Cheerful and lively: a case of Sabadilla
Keywords: eczema, excessive gaiety, constipation, shrunken sensation, desire for honey, worried about others, APG3 plant classification, Scholten
Visited by demons: a case of Mancinella
Keywords: fear of being possessed, hypochondria, obsessional thoughts, invaded by the invisible, vertigo, fear of insanity, castrating mother
Angry and violent: the case of a destructive young girl
Keywords: temper tantrums, contrary behaviour, violence, tormenting, threadworms, family dynamics
A true remedy for trauma: two cases of Buddleia davidii
Keywords: emotional trauma, fatigue, irritability, helplessness
Unaffected by small perturbations: a case of Viola tricolor
Keywords: control of emotions, aversion to disturbance, irascible, waves, violin, desire to be alone
I'm bored and ignored: a case of Cubeba officinalis
Keywords: psoriasis, boredom, desire for pepper, fear of reproach, excluded
Journey to the light: the Kinesthetic Resonance Method
Keywords: kinesiology, C4 trituration, acne, hirsutism, sexual abuse, depression, rage, out of body, separation