2013 October
Editorial: healing the inner wild
Keywords: editorial
Canada goose proving: be simple, direct and to the point
Keywords: Canada goose egg, awkward, clumsiness, body dysmorphia, deep sense of loss, grief better for eating, neck pain, whiplash
I have no need to be in the water: a case of Canada goose egg
Keywords: head pain, neck pain, calcium deposits, bone spurs, sensation fluttering, freedom, powerless, powerful, group consciousness, friendships, fear loss of husband, fear being an outsider, love of nature, god
Sheep's milk proving: sacrifice without reward
Keywords: sheep’s milk, self-sacrifice, depletion, desiring equality, duty, responsibility, mothering, fear of being exiled, fear of inadequacy, childlike innocence, delusion separated, family group offers protection, head pain, vertigo, coldness
I lift them up through my sacrifice: a case of sheep's milk
Keywords: self-sacrificing, martyrdom, betrayed, defenseless, Fuchs’ dystrophy, restless leg syndrome, sciatica
Snapping turtle proving: I react to the most ridiculous things!
Keywords: shunned, slowness, lost - disoriented, desire to - yet fear of sticking her neck out, homesickness, home, homelessness, territoriality, primitive, victim and aggressor, yearning for protection, desire to be alone
Fear of sticking my neck out: a case of snapping turtle egg
Keywords: anxiety, confusion, forsaken, hopelessness, homesick, desire protection, naked, unprotected, tightness throughout, Pain jaw, throat constriction
Common loon proving: the phoenix of the Lakes
Keywords: grief, carefree, contamination, disconnected, exhaustion, industriousness, irritability, keeping a distance from others, over-sensitivity, sinking sensation, vivaciousness, playfulness, sexuality, vigilance, water
I go up and down: a case of common loon
Keywords: grief, betrayal, disappointed love, substance abuse, fear ghosts, allergies, tsunami, obesity, joint pain, wavelike sensation
Panorama: seminars and books
Keywords: Panorama