2013 May
Editorial: a Wondrous Order
Keywords: Table of Plants, Wondrous Order
The Table of Plants; a brief overview
Keywords: Table of Plants
Table of Plants: the fourth column
Table of Plants: the fourth column, by Michal Yakir, Koby Nehushtan
Keywords: Fourth column
Loves to play as if an animal: a case of Chocolate
Keywords: atopic dermatitis, clingy child, delusion he is an animal, lack of bonding with mother
Needing a protective home: a case of Abelmoschus
Keywords: mood swings, disintegration, fragile, protecting the home, separation from mother, boundaries
Immediate fulfillment needed: a case of Kola
Keywords: PMS, irregular menses, metrorrhagia, acne, overpowering sleepiness, hypoglycemia, numbness, confusion, desire to travel
Why can't I let it go: a case of Salix fragilis
Keywords: heaviness, desire chocolate, entrapment, desire for change, emotional dryness, fragility
A disadvantaged girl: a case of Drosera
A disadvantaged girl: a case of Drosera, by Michal Yakir, Brit Levi
Keywords: injustice, no nurturing mother, betrayal, mistrust, disappointment, tuberculosis
Damca, a Viola dog
Damca, a Viola dog, by Ronit Aboutboul
Keywords: festering wounds, worm infestation, urinary infection, gastritis, food obsessions, restlessness, disobedience
Rolling forward: a case of Sinapis alba
Keywords: slow metabolism, clogged, bloated, stuck, unable to breathe