2013 March
Editorial: diving into the depths, prescribing on the Sea archetype
Keywords: editorial, sea remedies
Sea remedies: a vast little-explored treasure source of healing potential
Keywords: sea remedies, float, drift, sink, swim, vulnerability, sensitivity, protection, privacy, relationship, inhibition, immaturity, gender, movement
Evolution of the senses: Cnidarian remedies
Keywords: Cnidarian remedies, jellyfish, sea anemones, coral
Gripping onto the edge of the cliff: a case of Limpet
Keywords: battle, survival, tenacity, cling on, cliff, waves, crashing, crushed, boxed in, shut down, invasion, going under, drains, ebbs, immobile, out of control, mollusk
My heart is broken: a case of Oyster
My heart is broken: a case of Oyster, by Katja and David Behrens
Keywords: anchor, settled, secure, support, immobile, hammering, closed doors, broken heart, hurt inside, cemented, attached
I bury my head in the sand: a case of Venus mercenaria
Keywords: bury head in sand, sea, waves, swimming, protection, privacy, irritation, shut the box, shell, bivalve
A sense of fear waving over me: a case of Pearl
Keywords: overwhelming, fear, waves, panic attack, crumbling, crushed, fragmented, isolated, overloaded, immense, support, self-esteem, beach, sand
I have to be able to go up: a case of Nautilus shell
Keywords: air bubble, chambers, buoyancy, floating, gliding, ageless, depth, shell, fossil, fear of dark, lurk, home, architect
I'm on the ferry with lots of my family, we lose each other: a case of Physalia physalis
Keywords: conjunctivitis, swollen, beyond my control, too tidy, hurtful, stinging, self-critical, storm, peril, tentacles, jellyfish, crustaceans, fractured