2013 June
Lively offerings: a Spring collection
Keywords: editorial
Hypericum to the rescue... fifteen years later!
Keywords: anger, temper, accident, injuries, memory loss, back pain, broken bones, injury, addiction
Three cases in companion animals: Calcarea carbonica and cancer of the bladder
Keywords: veterinary medicine, bladder cancer, straining to urinate, difficulty in passing urine, increased frequency of urination, bloody urine, tenesmus persisting after urination
Indigo blues: a case of ancestral grief
Keywords: hip pain, digestive complaints, grief, anxiety, betrayal, depression, sexual abuse, ancestral, slavery
Order of importance: a case of Veratrum album and Morgan pure
Keywords: ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, hemoglobin, gastro-intestinal flu, loss of position, sibling jealousy, precocious, bowel nosode
It's not heavy, it's light: a case of Spectrum
Keywords: arthritis thumbs, brilliant, illuminating, energy, light
Giving insights into the Fish: a proving of Yellow Box Fish
Keywords: brain disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Creutzfeldt-Jacob, prion, fish remedies, Tetraodontiformes
My eyes are open like a fish: a case of Ostracion cubicus
Keywords: insomnia, temper, rage, wandering, impetigo, water, vomiting with anxiety, block fish
Peeling away the drug layer
Peeling away the drug layer, by Patricia Maher
Keywords: depression, anxiety, anti-depressants, pharmaceutical drugs, flat, emotionless, forsaken, god, guilt