2013 July August
Editorial: the Hydrocarbons - as unnoticed as plastic
Keywords: editorial
A dream proving of Petroleum
A dream proving of Petroleum, by Elizabeth Thompson
Keywords: hydrocarbon, oil, fire, explosion, confusion, lost, weird, indecision, birth process, exhaustion, cyanosis, kidnap, transport, travel, alone, void
They burn metal to get more fire; a case of Petroleum
Keywords: hydrocarbon, fuel, space travel, shock, air pressure, fire, burn metal, inflammation, eczema, itching, hyperactive, hunger, nausea
A big shock, a big boom, like a gasp of air; a case of Glonoine
Keywords: hydrocarbons, nitroglycerine, explosive, shock, boom, pressure, surging headache, boils, acne, sunstroke, kidnap, angry, hateful, tidal wave, petroleum, skin, eczema
Icy fingers in my brain; a case of Camphora
Keywords: carbon, volatile, oblivion, disorientation, confusion, bewildered, identity, self worth, religious, nausea, icy cold
A hot fluid stifling the joints; a case of Benzinum nitricum
Keywords: hydrocarbon, petrochemical, aromatic carbon, oil spill, inflammation, volatile, sludgy, panic, claustrophobia, stifling, smothered, throbbing, pressure, cancer
Sucked into a vortex; a case of Bromoethane
Keywords: hydrocarbon, anaesethetic, head injury, unconsciousness, headaches, migraine, nausea, numbness, guilt, tremors, epileptic fit, void, space, darkness, black hole