2013 January
Fighting with a sword in both hands; a case of Osmium
Keywords: involuntary urination, work tension, responsibility, leadership, facing resistance, struggle, swords
I get absorbed, losing my boundaries; a case of Natrium muriaticum
Keywords: alopecia areata, lack of boundaries, counfusion of identity, forsaken feeling, disappointment, puppet, irresolution
Something is sitting on my chest; a case of Python
Keywords: asthma, aggression, harrassing, pressure, constriction, competition, serpents, suffocation, humiliation
My existence has no meaning; a case of cuprum sulphuricum
Keywords: palpitations, angina pectori, respect, dignity, rules, rigidity, dictatorial, case reassessment
Book review: Survival - The Reptiles by R. Sankaran and M. Shah
Keywords: Sankaran, reptiles, materia medica