2013 April
Editorial: Spring treasure trove
Keywords: editorial, Spring treasure trove
An overlooked jewel: abstract of the results of a Polish study on high dilutions
Keywords: research, high dilutions, enzymes, effectors, biological activity
Three butterfly cases
Three butterfly cases, by Enna Stellinga
Keywords: oversensitive, dreamy, concentration problems, abandonment, trapped, unprotected, allergies, bronchitis, urinary incontinence, asthma
Mummy does not love me: a case of Saccharum officinale
Keywords: respiratory infections, hyperactive, desire for attention, desire for appreciation, feeling unloved, desire sweets
Lucy and the mummies: a case of Chelidonium majus
Keywords: OCD, warts, fear and hypersensitivity to pain, mummies, zombies
The dark mother: a case of Thulium muriaticum
Keywords: ovarian cysts, depression, ritual killing, falling endlessly, depression, panic attacks, abusive mother, hiding
A secondary case of encopresis: Nautilus pompilius
Keywords: secondary encopresis, respiratory allergy, territory, door, gate
A proving of Saussurea obvallata
Keywords: Brahma Kamal, worship of Lord Brahma, leader, guru, at the top, no need to fight, ancient feeling