2012 November
Editorial: Let it be more
Keywords: editorial
Walking the edge of a goat trail
Keywords: joint pains, palpitations, childhood abuse, anger, hypersexuality, goats
Finding my power: a case of Gadolinium hydroxydatum
Keywords: childhood trauma, newborn, unity, eternity, annihilation, panic, power
Two cases of snapping and closing down
Keywords: abandonment, timidity, closing off, protection, anger, snapping turtle
I loaded up the 22: a case of Derris pinnata
Keywords: chronic fatigue, unmotivated, desire to kill, fear of poverty, Leguminosae
Another look at the Compositae family
Keywords: compositae, abuse, over-giving, tough, estrangement, joint pains
I want to look good: a case of Calcarea fluoratum
Keywords: hyperthyroidism, loose ligaments, conscious of appearance, conscious of health