2012 July August
Editorial: Amazing Insects
Editorial: Amazing Insects, by Sally Williams
Keywords: editorial
The Great Lakes Proving of Vespula vulgaris nest
Keywords: wasp nest, eusociality, questioning sexuality, homosexuality, prejudice, hidden, WASP
Itchy hives with swollen eyes: an acute case of Vespa vulgaris
Keywords: wasp, agitation, anxiety, family, joints, stiffness, burning, hives, swollen, eyelids, dizziness
Transforming the insanity and poison of Solanaceae: a case of Doryphora
Keywords: Solanaceae, Colorado potato beetle, light, dark, metamorphoses, chaos, duality
Go right in and chew him a new head: a case of Mantis religiosa
Keywords: irritated, bugged, anger toward husband, insect, depleted, uninspired, praying mantis.
Out of the darkness, into the light: a case of Firefly
Keywords: light, dark, duality, heavy, light, soft, hard, vulnerable, strong, small, tall, young, adult, metamorphosis
Into the abyss: a proving of Acanthocephala terminalis - the leaf-footed bug
Keywords: death, AIDS, vaccinations, zombies, clown, hemorrhoids, stool, evil eye, Eshu/Elegba, trickster
Mr Potato Head: a case of Doryphora
Keywords: night terror, Solanaceae, Colorado potato beetle, domineering, bloated, streptococcus, oversensitive, enuresis, protruding eyes, large head.