2012 January
Editorial: India's young generation of homeopaths
Keywords: classical homeopathy, young generation, India
Obituary: Diwan Harish Chand
Obituary: Diwan Harish Chand, by Navneet Bidani
Keywords: obituary
Barium muriaticum: a slow learner
Keywords: Low IQ, slow learning, shy, poor concentation, aversion to be consoled, coward
Uranium nitricum: recurrent tonsilitis
Keywords: mass destruction, bomb, explosion, war, death
Amphisbaena vermicularis: something in the dark
Keywords: chronic bronchitis, recurrent stomach aches, fear of snakes, fear of crocodiles
Lac rhesus: a happy, mischievous monkey
Keywords: ADHD, beats friends, love of outdoors, love of fruits, mimicking, mischievous, love jumping, fear of snakes, love of monkeys, fear of losing mother