2012 February
Editorial: in the company of Lacs
Keywords: editorial
Petite bully in princess' clothing: a case of Lycopodium
Keywords: asthma, timidity, princess, insecurity, precocity, language delays, underdeveloped muscles
Snakes in my bed: a case of Funiculus umbilicus humanum
Keywords: Noetic Field, separation anxiety, excessive sensitivity, survival
Sneak in to steal some Mama's milk: a case of Lac lupinum
Keywords: ulcerative colitis, colic, teething problems, food intolerance, pancreatitis, quarrelsome, disorganisation, excluded, stealing, temper tantrums, forsaken
You open the door and it becomes bigger and bigger: a case of Lac leoninum
Keywords: headaches, dreams of lion, man-eaters, competition, instincts versus humanity,