2010 September
Editorial: the never-ending story of Placebo
Keywords: editorial
Introduction to the Fabaceae family
Introduction to the Fabaceae family, by Jan Scholten, Rajan Sankaran, Maarten van der Meer, compiled by D.Collins
Keywords: poverty, chronic fatigue, powerlessness, MS, diziness, vertigo, split
Phaseolus vulgaris: angry and tired
Keywords: chronic fatigue, allergies, anger, dizziness, powerlessness
Phaseolus vulgaris: all over the place
Keywords: chronic fatigue, poverty, joylessness, split, concentration difficulties
Gymnocladus canadensis: too tired to hold her head up
Keywords: exhaustion, nervousness, joylessness, independence
Gymnocladus canadensis: life is no fun
Keywords: tiredness, coughs, nosebleed, concentration difficulties
Melilotus and Indigo: two short cases
Keywords: migraines, speaking up for oneself, chronic fatigue, concentration difficulties, left sided facial neuralgia
Book review: Praxis by Massimo Mangialavori
Keywords: Book review
Jan's column: Professor of complementary medicine?
Keywords: column