2. Badenweiler Congress - Cancer & Severe Pathologies


Review of the 2. Badenweiler Cancer Congress
23.- 26. September 2010

After the huge success of the first cancer congress in September 2009 in Badenweiler with over 200 participants, this year's congress was again a highlight.
Five experienced, world-class homeopaths and therapists lectured on the homeopathic treatment of cancer and other severe pathologies.
A. U. Ramakrishnan presented severe cardiac and neurological cases. Alok Pareek reported on his extensive practical experience in the treatment of advanced cancer. Harald Knauss discussed the mental aspects of healing. Louis Klein spoke about the homeopathic treatment of neurological illnesses such as Alzheimer's. Rosina Sonnenschmidt winded up the congress with a talk on digestive disorders and showed 3 impressive live cases.

Preorders: DVD of the Cancer Congress 2010
Already available: DVD of the Cancer Congress 2009

Start of the congress: The Kurhaus in Badenweiler in bright sunshine.
The participants are being welcomed by the Narayana team.
Welcome to A.U. Ramakrishnan  
who talked on Multiple Sklerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Translators
Alok Pareek showed that homeopathy provide a soothing palliation
in advanced cancer cases - Thanks a lot for the impressive talk!
Book table     Homeoplant
Harald Knauss showed different kinds of exercises which therapists can teach to their patients
with great joy! Thanks a lot!
Translators Coffee break in sunshine  
Rosina Sonnenschmidt Alok Pareek
Coffee break   with Louis Klein and Heidi Brand
Homeopaths discussing Rosina Sonnenschmidt announces the break
exciting new topics such as viral remedies
Louis Klein showed impressive video cases Applause
In the evening people could go through books in the publishing houlse to their hearts content
Rosina Sonnenschmidt signes her books Ramakrishnan signes  
Ramakrishan with his wife Prema and Lou Klein Alok Pareek conversing
Louis Klein Markus Kuntosch, Louis Klein and Ulrich Welte Ramakrishnan
On Sunday participants listened spellbound to 3 live cases with advanced cancer
Thanks for a great lecture! Applause  
Trying samples of fresh juices of "Naturhaus"
  prepared of wheat grass  


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